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Waterway 50 Skim (New Type)

Outside Diameter (mm): 152
Length (mm): 205
Top End Cap: Bar handle
Bottom End Cap: 49mm SAE thread
OEM part number: 817-0050
Comments: Suitable replacement for Signature C50 Skim (RFILA 15050S)
$75.00 incl GST

Replaces discontinued products:

  • Signature 25 Skim
  • Signature 50 Skim
  • Spa-Quip Wide Mouth Skim

Apart from fitting the Waterway Plastics Skimmer, this cartridge can be used in
Signature Spas, and other models including: Vortex Gemini, Oasis, Orbit, Alpha, Meridian, Fisher 2 , Fisher 3 and Fisher 5.

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