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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update



We are offering 10% off our already low prices whilst we are in Alert level 3 or 4. Simply enter the discount code: SAVE10 into the discount box at the bottom left of the shopping cart, and save 10% on the cost of your filters.   



Important message from our Courier - Posthaste

As essential supplier of services through the COVID-19 Level 4 government lockdown across New Zealand, Post Haste Couriers have continued to operate and deliver freight on behalf of businesses that are open to trade as designated by the government.

Our delivery priority in order of importance through the lockdown has been, and will continue to be, medical, pharmaceutical and educational. All other freight will be delivered as and when resource and time allows. 

Staffing and courier levels across the country are not at full strength, as a significant number of our people have elected to take self-isolation through the lockdown. As such we will take additional time to deliver the volume of freight that we are receiving that is not considered top priority and as a consequence response to queries will also be delayed. 

With this in mind please allow up to 4-5 days delivery time for goods being delivered to residential addresses. We will do all we can to minimise any delays from the date of despatch. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to manage what are challenging times, we will do all we can to assist in any way possible. We would also respectfully ask that you refrain from ringing our call centres to ascertain an update on a delivery, as we are operating with skeleton staff and we need to manage our priority customers in the first instance. 




Over the past couple of days, there has been a lot of talk about what constitutes an essential product and what does not. Spa & Pool Filters are just one of those "grey" products, as a Spa or Pool still remains a luxury item, but the filter is essential to the water quality being maintained. The end game is that Spa & Pool Filters have been approved as an being an essential product to maintaining water quality, so we can now send orders out to you if your filter needs replacing. 

We following strict guidelines to maintain a safe working environment for all parties  involved in the picking, packing and delivery process while in Lockdown 4 Status. As a result, it may take a day or 2 longer than it usually does to receive your product.  We thankyou in advance for for your patience regarding this. We will as per usual send you your tracking details so you can follow your filter right through to delivery. 

We still recommend visiting our filter maintenance page, which will give you filter cleaning tips.

If you you discover that your filter cartridge has stopped working totally, then you do have the temporary option of removing the filter until you can get a new one in 2-3 days (not recommended long term though). Remember, a cartridge filter only removes sediment and not bacteria so as long as you keep dosing the water with your chlorine/Bromide or whatever bug killing disinfection you may prefer, then you should be fine for a couple of days. If the water gets really dirty in your spa pool, then empty and replace with fresh water. It goes without saying, but a spa pool full of hot water (bacteria loves hot water) is not really a environment for someone with severe immunity issues, so normal common sense rules apply at all times. 

Please read our notes on Filter Maintenance  


Stay Safe 


The Team at Filters 4 Spas



Dear Customers,

Due to the country being placed in Covid-19 Alert Level, our Online Store is unable to supply Spa & Pool Filters during this time, as the general assessment is that they are deemed to be an non essential product.

If you are an essential service, using these filters in water treatment systems (deemed to be essential to maintaining health), or an enduser with special health requirements related to spas and pools, then please contact us asap, so we can get more details.    

In the meantime, to extend the life of your filter until we can supply you with a replacement, please read our notes on Filter Maintenance  


You can still place an order with us, and we will get this despatched as soon as the restrictions have been lifted.  


Stay Safe 

The Team at Filters 4 Spas