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About Us

Who are Filters4Spas?

Filters4Spas was created in 2018 after an expoerienced husband and wife partnership purchased a new spa and after struggling to get a filter for it online, realised that there was an opening for a player to enter and dominate the online retail market for the Pool and Spa industry.

There were a few existing online services, but to them, the online game seemed very much in the infancy stages which was quite different to other other markets they had worked in. They already had other sucessful online businesses so new that B2C online sales was the future of retail. Long story short...they decided to give it a crack. Although they were experienced online retailers in other markets, but didn't know much about the Spa and Pool Industry, but after contacting local West Auckland based Manufacturer Magnum Filters for advice, they were creating their site and were soon up and running.

 Why are Filters4Spas products priced so good?

This is a common question, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the products being sold. Filters4Spas current supplier, Magnum Filters is one of the premier manufacturers Spa and Pool filters in the world. They are primarily an exporter but supply most of the relatively small NZ Market (compared to other international markets that is). Their customers include both Online Stores like us, and Brick and Mortar Pool Shops.

Back to the primary question. The reason that prices are generally cheaper that what you would see in a pool shop is that being an online store, they have very little overhead expenditure, so they can afford to reduce their profit margins below what is normal considered standard. In a shop, whether or not you are selling products or not, there are multiple cost involved with simply keeping the front door open (power, wages, rent). So, it is definately  not a case of the Brick and Mortar Pool Shops ripping people off, but rather a case of Filters4Spas simply costing less to run (If a Spa Shop is a V8 SuperCar, then Filters4Spas is a Hybrid model). 

Also, the new owners being savvy entreprenuers realised from the outset that they did not have the several years of experience that Spa Pool Shops have, so they had to keep it simple. After talking to Magnum Filters, came to realise very quickly that when it came to Pleated Spa and Pool Cartridges, as long as you knew the measurements of the Filter, you didn't need a lot of experience.

So there came the plan to concentrate solely of supplying the NZ Market with high quality, cost effective NZ Made, Pleated Spa and Pool Cartridges.

The rest is history.   



Same Day Dispatch Promise

Goods are shipped directly from our supplier out of a purpose-built factory in Henderson, West Auckland. All online orders placed before 1:30 pm are processed and dispatched the same day (pending it is in stock). We’ll send you tracking details as soon as the courier has picked up your order!

Have a look through our extensive range of spa and pool cartridge filters, or contact us to find out about our custom order service.